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AACFM is a gateway for information and events that support mindfulness-based approaches, practices and education.

AACFM will donate 20% of all fees collected to not-for-profit, non-sectarian organizations dedicated to

fostering contemplative practice as a means to cultivate social change and build resiliency in our society.

 For 2015, The Michigan Collaborative for Mindfulness in Education  will receive these funds.

"Mindfulness brings us back to the present moment and provides the type of balanced awareness that forms the foundation of self-compassion.

Like a clear, still pool without ripples, mindfulness perfectly mirrors what’s occurring without distortion.  

Rather than becoming lost in our own personal soap opera, mindfulness allows us to view our situation with greater perspective and helps to ensure that we don’t suffer unnecessarily.”    

   Kristin Neff

   See information on Kristin Neff’s upcoming October workshop

    in Ann Arbor on the Professional Events page.



New Drop-In meditation at

The Ark!

Fall session begins September 8

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